Sapphire Biotech has filed for a Small Business Investigational Research (SBIR) grant to develop potent and soluble analogs of SBI-183, a compound that has been shown to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis. The SBIR would fund Sapphire’s scientists’ ongoing research to evaluate analogs of SBI-183 and efficacy in inhibition QSOX1 activity. Specifically, the goal is to develop more potent and soluble analogs of SBI-183. Ultimately, Sapphire’s goal is to develop a therapeutic treatment for cancers that overexpress QSOX1.

About Sapphire Biotech

Sapphire Biotech was founded in 2019 to create novel Therapeutic approaches for cancer. Additionally, Sapphire plans to develop novel Diagnostics for early cancer detection, one of which is currently being evaluated in a clinical trial for its potential to diagnose pancreatic cancer. The company is currently formulating small molecules that target QSOX1, a master regulator of extracellular matrix and related secreted proteins. Located in San Diego, CA, Sapphire Biotech is privately held. For more information, please visit