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Therapeutic Solutions

Sapphire Biotech’s proprietary research intends to find new ways to diagnose and treat cancer as well as other conditions through laboratory-derived oncological therapeutics.


Sapphire Biotech has developed the first rapid (10-minute) point-of-care test that measures the concentration of neutralizing antibodies to COVID-19.

CLINICAL therapeutics

Sapphire’s clinical therapeutic research focuses around an enzyme called “QSOX1” where the company hopes to bring a novel oncology drug to market 


Sapphire Biotech is in development of various “point-of-care” diagnostic testing products specifically designed for the early detection of cancer

Dedicated to Changing Lives Through Research

Sapphire Biotech has identified a unique enzyme, Quiescin Sulfhydryl Oxidase 1 (QSOX1), which is elevated in cancer patients and can be detected earlier than circulating tumor cells. The company’s development of QSOX1 as a unique cancer biomarker has led it to important discoveries based on testing hundreds of human samples. Sapphire’s lead compound has been tested in animal studies has shown to significantly reduce tumors by two-thirds in under 20 days.

Global Demand and Growing Market Potential

With the oversight and expertise of internationally-recognized scientists and medical experts, Sapphire Biotech not only has great potential to help hundreds of millions of cancer patients throughout the U.S., but also become a strategic asset for its investors. The global cancer therapy market is experiencing a strong growth pattern with a CAGR over the next four years of 8.37% and 90% of cancer patients dying from metastatic cancer. Sapphire’s team has developed never-before-seen and proven compounds to combat metastatic cancer.

$136.2 Billion

2018 Global Cancer Therapy Market Value

$220.7 Billion

Estimated Global Cancer Therapy Market Value by 2024


Of cancer deaths are caused by metastatic cancer

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